"Experience" really just means "stubborn"

I sew stuff. But I've always been a little freaked out by paper piecing. What's paper piecing? Well, you sew. Technically backwards. On paper as a guide. Super weird. But also? The only way you can get nice pointy, precise pieces. I like nice pointy, precise pieces.

I saw this breathtaking Take Wing pattern by Nicole Young a few months ago. Had. To. Make. It. The pattern said something like "intermediate paper piecing skills required." But I know they really just meant "be stubborn and meticulous and like a challenge." That I can manage. 

It was a welcome rainy weekend and I've been itching to sew. As soon as I had color scheme figured out I sat down with excitement. Turned on my sewing machine. Pressed the pedal. And nothing happened.

Well, it whirrled. But new sewing. Tools to the machine up next. Removing covers. Wine, anyone? Pressing things. One and off. And voila! Something worked. (No idea what.)

So I sew. For two days. I text progress photos to my mom. Swear. Seam-rip. Rejoice. And drink more wine. And the whole thing looks a little ... questionable at times. Also, cool from the back.

At the end? So worth it.