Bernina, we have a problem.

My sewing machine is down. I know. Total tragedy, right?

True, I'm not a serious seamstress. Far from it. I was the girl wanting to take the auto shop class instead of home economics. (Never did take home ec.)

But I've developed a love affair with quilts.

I grew up with them. (My mom's a sewing wizard.) And quilts are part of my everyday. They're what I curl up in, with a book on the couch. What I use to create a morning warming tent over the heater. What I plop down on at a concert. A vineyard. The park.

And so I make quilts.

Admittedly, it's a time-consuming, costly hobby. (But that's the way of hobbies, ya?) But it's filled with so much comfort. And I get to FIX and MAKE things. Which is an important alcove to foster in life, I think.

I was in the middle of planning a new quilt. And UG. Broken machine. Poor me.

But don't panic. I've made a plan for the shift in creative outlets. I hereby vow to make more biscotti. Love my sketchbook. And raise a glass to celebrate the completion of my Harry Potter inspired project. (See below, front and back, with a quote from book 5.)

Also: here's to hoping the sewing machine repair cost isn't too horrifying. (Otherwise, insert additional margaritas here.)