Inspired by oils.

As artists, we all have our heroes. The ones with round, unexpected sentences dipped in chocolate. The ones who ignite hope and beauty with brushstrokes.

Susan Mitchinson—oil painter and block printer—is one of these. One of her prints hangs, framed, in my bedroom.

Originally from the UK, she lived on the coast of Namibia. Her work captures a continent dear to my heart and I was lucky enough to meet Susan in her studio one day. White walls. Salty air. Drawers of artwork. Horses nearby. I was a fan of hers long before my in-person encounter. (Where I was awestruck and bumbly, at best.)

But my heart is heavy, now. I recently learned of her passing.

I'm grateful for the moment in her studio. And that moment every morning when I glimpse the rhino on my wall. It's true. The brushstrokes have stopped. But, for me at least, the inspiration will long endure.

All art images from the web. See more on  Susan's website .

All art images from the web. See more on Susan's website.