Circus? I heart you.

There's usually a point in my aerial class when I stop to catch my breath and realize one thing. I'm so unquestionably HAPPY.

Sure, my hands are achy, callous-ridden claws. I probably just bruised the back of my knees again. And I'm not that great with silks. Yet. But there's something magical about this class. 

Let's discuss the magic, ya?

  • People. There are high school students. Bartenders. The massage therapist. The assisted living assistant. And the guy who works nights at the adult video store. There are tattoos. Stories of Burning Man. And incredible, unquestionable KINDNESS. And that's just the students.
  • The instructors? Are GOOD people. You know the kind. They're also way strong. (I'm starting to appreciate where the whole 'circus freak' language comes from and WHOA is that a compliment because these people are amazing!) And aside from teaching skill, they honestly spend the whole time doing one thing: believing in me. And helping me believe in me. It's astonishing.
  • The place. Is safe and has a program built on technique. And it has a vibe of positivity. It's not uncommon to hear everyone whoop and clap for someone else who just did something awesome, that maybe they've never done before.

^^ So I've decided THIS is why I love circus so much.

Yes, I like strength training. I love being challenged. And there's no escaping how rad the trapeze is. But at the end of the day, I'm finding I gain so much happiness in the right environment. And, right now? That environment happens to be a circus school.