Afrique quilt: done!

I'm just going to come out and admit it. It took me two years to finish. K tells me I need to clarify that. It took me two years since we started talking about this project. It took me a blurry two weeks to turn it around in time. Phew. I bring you, the Ghana quilt: 

Quilt donated to the Ghana Educational Collaborative. 

Quilt donated to the Ghana Educational Collaborative. 

This quilt needed to arrive in time for a fundraiser event. The story: My sister's friend, Lauren,  started a nonprofit in Ghana—the Ghana Educational Collaborative—that provides academic scholarship and mentorship to to students with significant need. On one of Lauren's trips to Ghana, she bought fabric and then asked my mom and I if we could turn it into a quilt. Certainly. 

We decided we'd make it and donate it to the nonprofit's annual silent auction fundraiser.

As someone who spent time working alongside an education system in Africa, the project had my heart. We developed a design that reflected the African culture and worked to incorporate as many fabrics as possible. And, LUCKILY, we sewed through a couple weekends and hammered it out in time for the event! (Yes, there may have been wine involved.) 

We're so thrilled to support this project!