When you're licked by a lab

Fog. It's engulfed us. For real. So I grabbed my new camera (still learning the ropes of this Fujifilm X-E1) and walked to the park, racing the setting sun.


And three things happened. (We're ignoring #4 wherein I stepped in dog ... droppings).

1) I was kneeling in the mud, taking the shot above, when a black lab bounded up to me and promptly licked my face. Then my hand. Wag wag. The owner, breathless in apology, re-leashed the happy pup and walked away.

2) Two women, in workout gear with serious arm-pumping happening, passed me. Loudly bemoaning this "hellish" fog. So dark. Cold. UG.

3) I passed another woman. Walking normal speed. She looked up at me, smiled, and said, "It's just so magical, isn't it?"

Agreed. Magical is the perfect word. (Probably too much of that Harry Potter fan in me.)

So I choose #3. Or sometimes #1—with a little less tongue.