Art show: up!

It's opening day for my new art show! Yay. Only a frantic night of glass cleaning, measuring and wrangling wire. But hooray. :)


WHAT: My favorite Instagram photos (@jenntraveler) finished in 10" frames.

WHERE: Extracto Coffeehouse & Roasters, NE Portland at 30th + Killingsworth.

WHEN: Opens today and runs through Feb.

WHY: It's rad, of course. And because many friends have urged me to do an Instagram show. (Appreciate the inspiration, team!) Many thanks to Extracto for hosting. You're awesome! And especially thanks to K, too ... who endured and helped with all the prep! :)

Go check it out. It's the perfect excuse for more coffee and pastries. (Which we all know are the hallmarks of heaven. Amen.)