They did. (A wedding adventure.)

Phew. I just returned from a trip that involved a few fun days in NYC and attending a beautiful wedding in Boston that—wait for it—included a reception at Fenway Park (yup, be envious). I'll post about all that later though.

As amazing luck would have it, ANOTHER wedding came on the books, too. And this one I worked. A very dear Peace Corps friend of mine got hitched—the day after Boston wedding #1. And I was asked to be their photographer. :)

Although I still have many hours of wedding #2 photo work ahead of me, I picked some favorites to share here. Enjoy!

I'll include some wedding #1 (Fenway!) pics and NYC adventures soon, but I know Erika (one of my best friends) and her new spouse Trey will be eager to see these. The duo has been together 10 years. Currently? They live overseas and are both English teachers.

Their wedding was a small gathering. A jeans and flip flops affair. Also? To mimic their well traveled lives, guests were assigned to teams and competed in an "Amazing Race."

At the end of the race, after solving a clue to receive wedding ice cream cake (AKA: best clue ever), the dozen guests gathered in a park for the ceremony.

It was an honor to help capture their day. To meet their community. To laugh. And celebrate love.