Where to donate? 15 ideas.

It's that time of year: donating! Instead of focusing on the tax benefits, I prefer to think of the squishy part of your heart. I know you really just want to help make the world a better place. Right?

Over the years I find people ask me about the best nonprofits. I mean, I've been working in the industry a long time. And here's my answer: What's important to you?? << And give there.

But in case that's not enough for you, here are some giving ideas—15 personal favorites:


  • OPB: Oregon Public Broadcasting (or NPR) ; news and public service. 
  • NatureBridge: Connecting kids and communities to our national parks—and elevating the need for environmental literacy nationwide.
  • SMART: Reading support and community connections to those who need it most.
  • Friends of Outdoor School: Integrating science and the outdoor experience into Oregon public education system—for all Oregon students.




This should give you something to think about. Inspiring! And also totally hard just to narrow it to 15. Gulp. (I still love you, other nonprofits!) And remember folks, these revolve around my squishy heart and current interests.

Maybe you don't care about whales. (REALLY?!) Find your own passion. Support your community and world by finding and contributing to (financially or by volunteering!) places that make you believe in BETTER. Happy giving, all!