The things you do for love.

Some loves? Are unexpected. Actually, most are, now that I think about it. So that this vegetarian is head over heels for predators? Is just another love story.

My life journey involves a chapter in Africa. Often my favorite chapter—which is easy to say with the distance of Western comfort, the allure of amber eyes and the romance of time. 

I was a communications staffer for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). And, while there, I learned to take care of orphaned (not tame, but often not releasable) cheetahs. Yup, I quickly became not only comfortable, but savvy with the meat room. (And even fed out organs or heads, too. Oh the things you do for love.)

Yes, that's me. With one of my favorite female cats.

Yes, that's me. With one of my favorite female cats.

Sadly, my life is is less untamed, these days.

So I was thrilled this week when Dr. Marker, executive director of CCF, passed through town on a lecture tour. She regularly travels the globe, reminding people that the cheetah is a threatened species—and urging action to protect them, while we still can.

What can you do, you ask?

I may be stateside now. But the cats, and continent, will always have my heart.