My mantra: go for the butter.

So I have a new mantra. And here's the story.

Remember when I took that awesome baking class? There were a dozen of us, prepping and stretching dough for an apple strudel. The chef gave the approval and instructions to what was next. Applying the melted butter.

Then this happened:

There was (what I thought was) a shy, older woman in the back of the kitchen. Headscarf and downcast eyes.

Before the chef could finish his sentence about volunteers for the butter, this woman elbowed her way to the front, seized the tub of butter and aggressively started applying it to the dough.

We were stunned. And then all joined in, grabbing tubs and brushes.

I keep thinking about that moment. And I've decided I want to be a little more like that woman —sans the elbow bit. Yes, I'm already competitive and stubborn (in a nice way). But I can learn from her display: know what I want. And go for it without hesitation.

I'm trying to integrate this into my work—especially as I muse more and more about illustration freelance concepts.

And in circus class? Someone always needs to step forward. Be the first to try a new trick on the trapeze. Now, instead of smiling to my neighbor and offering up the apparatus (and giving up key practicing time), I think: GO FOR THE BUTTER. And I do.