Cabin quilt (and matchy pillow!).

On the rural coast there is a cabin. And I get to visit beloved cabin once (or maybe twice) a year. Yippee. It's the type of place that makes you want to stay there and finally write your novel.

Anyway, through the years I've noticed this: there is no quilt.

Sure: there's a view (reflected, above, on the front door). A wood stove. Great company.

And naturally, with all these wonderful things, one then needs a quilt (or dozen). Am I right? So I'm contributing one and presenting it to the cabin owners soon. Hooray!

My goal? Something simple. Light. Beachy.

Inspired by Ashley over at Film in the Fridge, I copied her farfalle (YUM pasta) quilt and laid out the following:

Nice, right? I then assembled the top and quilted it over at Modern Domestic (thanks ladies!) with a simple free-motion wave design.

And—me being me—couldn't end there. Hello, there was extra quilt back fabric! What to make with it?

I've been itching to try the center block of Elizabeth Hartman's Aviatrix Medallion pattern as a pillow and this was the perfect opportunity. Gulp.

It worked. (You see the birds in the pillow pattern, right?) There's the front and back—with hidden zipper—above.

I'm thrilled to be done with the project and for these to be enjoyed by beach-goers very soon. Happy sewing!