Good day sunshine

I keep telling myself I need to go to AZ more, to see the fam. Which meant we bought weekend tickets to hang with the nephews in the sun. :)

Naturally, Elizabeth had a show (multiple, actually) and I was SUPER EXCITED to see her perform in person. This gig? Happened to be a lyra act at the botanical gardens. And it came with a welcome margarita. And the company of two of my favorite people on the planet. What more could a girl want? 

The next day, after superb coffee from J, Elizabeth gave me a private lesson on tippy—my first experience with tippy lyra—at Vertical Fix. (Lucky me!)  

As happenstance would have it, it was Opening Day baseball that weekend. In AZ. Against the Giants. And tickets were actually available. Stars aligned and we had an awesome day at the ballpark. Thanks for such a great weekend, guys!