Trapeze show debut! (with video!)

I did a show! Whoa. It's been almost three years since I started aerial lessons. When I started? I couldn't do a pull-up. And now I just finished performing in my FIRST SHOW. Eek. :)

The last night, riding home in the car with K after we grabbed drinks with the crew after the show, I was just smiling. Sitting there (with little red shorts and rainbow wrist bands and tired muscles), in the middle of the night next to my partner, and I realized I was genuinely, fiercely happy.  

It's been a crazy journey. No way am I a great trapeze artist. But I've learned a ton in the last couple years and am proud of where I am. Grateful to spend my time surrounded by this remarkable circus community. 

I applied to be part of the annual student show at Night Flight and was accepted as part of the trapeze ensemble. Yay! There were 6 of us in the act. We wanted something energetic and fun. The solution? A 70s gym class act, choreographed to Michael Jackson's Don't Stop til' You Get Enough. Ha!

It was MONTHS of practice. Of weekends dedicated to the studio. Of arnica and Advil and ice and epsom salts. Of protein smoothies and rigging checks and rehearsals. Of laughing and videoing and being inspired by these artists. Of building confidence and bruising the hell out of my knee (hence that knee brace above) and believing in myself.  

Then? It was show time. Four nights. With 14 acts performing. Incredible support from the instructors and studio staff. Sold out crowds. I actually didn't think I'd be that into it. But I loved every minute. 

There is something truly magical about watching people do the thing they're really good at. About witnessing people's passion. I'm in awe of the talent that surrounded me. Thank you Night Flight, show artists and friends and family who supported us. :) 

Here's the video of our act! My trio is second to jump up (around 3:28). Enjoy!!