Them again?

I get it. You know about the hummers already. But here's the thing: before the eclipse, I'd never attached my camera to the telescope. I came home one day and my partner was smiling. He'd pointed the telescope at the hummingbird feeder outside. Secured the camera. And waited for me to freak out. Which I did. Because HUMMINGBIRDS. 

I did a lot of standing there. Fixated. Missed shots. Waiting. Not wanting to actually go into the office but stay here all day in my new little blind. And the birds are even harder to photograph—because they're still really quick and now the focus is on the telescope and not the camera. Ug. 


The photos are from both of us. We left the camera there for a week or so. I'm not convinced any of the pics are for-real in focus. This means I need to practice more, right? Now I'm dreaming of making myself an ID book. Capturing photos of each individual, so I can begin to tell them apart and better understand my little neighbors. A girl can dream.