Sister's quilt

The first quilt I ever made? Was 10 years ago. My mom bought a pattern and walked my sister and I through the whole process. We each made a quilt. In fact there is a photo of my sister and I, hanging up in my sewing room. In it, we're arranging our blocks on the floor. Our first foray into quilt-making. 

So making my sister a quilt hasn't exactly been on the top of my list (besides the baby one). She made herself one. And my mom has made her several. But she's reminded me over the years that, ahem, I've never made one for her. I set out to fix that. 

She likes vintage. And more pinks and reds than I do. And I like scrappy. The granny square (or grandmother's pride) blocks were a perfect pattern. I made 20 blocks and offset them with plain, low value print blocks. A poppy fabric—her fave—and grey print made the back. Organic cotton batting, simple looping quilting and a botanical print cream binding finished the job. 

Six months and 85ish different fabrics later, my sister has her long-awaited quilt. I just gave it to her for her birthday. :) Hooray! She sent me a photo of she and her daughter, curled on the couch reading. Tucked in the quilt of course. Totally worth it.