Coffee, three ways

Summer stops in three places, means (at least) three coffees. England, France and Iceland. Here's the round-up: 

  • LOCATION: England
  • MY ORDER, the local favorite: Cappuccino
  • STYLE SERVED: Dry foam with cocoa sprinkled on top 
  • SERVICE: Warm, chatty
  • AMBIANCE: Small, dark cafe in a narrow side street, jazz music, worn floor boards, small groups chatting
  • CAFE VIBE: Delighted
  • LOCATION: France
  • MY ORDER, the local favorite: Espresso
  • STYLE SERVED: Small shot in a porcelain cup, very little crema
  • SERVICE: Abrupt, possibly hungover
  • AMBIANCE: Outdoor seating at a cafe, nearby smokers and the smell of cigarettes and warm pavement, slow joggers passing, baguette order upcoming
  • CAFE VIBE: Exhausted
  • LOCATION: Iceland
  • MY ORDER, the local favorite: Latte
  • STYLE SERVED: Wet, with cocoa sprinkle 
  • SERVICE: Slow, super friendly
  • AMBIANCE: Small fishing town, hippie cafe (yarn art, wood tables, couches and board games), view of the rocky/rainy shore
  • CAFE VIBE: Yay, company!