The art of the pause

I'm good at it. The pause. When I was riding my bike back to the office from a client meeting the other day, I stopped on the floating esplanade and actually got off my bike. I let the runners and other bikers pass me by. And I watched the clouds and the rolling water paint drama around one of my favorite bridges.

I also realized the river-dock-floating thing can make me kind of dizzy. (Which I totally would not have known if I kept on biking.)

It surprises me that so few people embrace a pause. How come I'm always the one who stops and hollers, "Look! A rainbow!" or points out the evening commute of the passing crows? Are we just all looking down too much? Eyes attached to our devices and screened in reality? Probably. So next time you're traveling or waiting in line or whatever, look up and around. Smile at the other people looking up. And maybe our world will be a little happier, one dizzy person at a time.