Well, that's new. #brokentoe.

I guess I'd never looked up #brokentoe before. I'm a beginner aerialist. And made a rookie mistake. Instead of my foot going, you know, UNDER the bar, it sort of collided into it. Hard.

When I texted my sister-in-law what happened (who's a talented aerialist for real, which is totally annoying how good she is) she told me that I now had the best blog post EVER. Well, I wouldn't go that far. But lucky for you, it was captured by a classmate:

I knew it was broken. The sound alone was telling. When I dropped down from the bar, my toe was bleeding. And facing the wrong direction. I shoved it back into place. My instructor cleaned it. Gave me ice. After 10 minutes of elevating with ice, I shoved my foot into my boot and biked back to work.

That might not have been the smartest idea ever.

Super-nice K drove and picked me—and the bike—up from work. The next day? We visited the doc. I was told it would take 7-8 weeks for the bone to heal, and an additional 1-2 months for the tendons to heal from the dislocation. Oh, and they gave me a $7 boot.

I didn't think it would really take that long. I mean, it's a TOE. It's no big deal. It's not a femur.

Almost 6 weeks later ... I'm still hobbling. Icing. Adviling. People need to wait for me to catch up. Which is normal for something like this. Sigh.

I'm bummed to pause my aerial. The biking. My favorite gym class. I am, however, learning to recognize that the little things are big things sometimes. And that's ok.